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Friday, March 27, 2015

fight like a girl

Women's History Month is drawing to a close. Each year I think about posting about it, but March always seems to be such a busy time that I never get one written. If you've followed my writing, you know that I care a great deal about the messages the church sends to our daughters, so I didn't want this month to pass without taking the opportunity to help my readers think along those lines. Since I haven't had time to write, I thought I'd point you toward a teaching I gave recently in which we spent some time looking at women's history as recorded in the book of Exodus.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to address a group of college women on the topic of how they should view their importance to the church. My main point was this: 

Women, you are not an afterthought. What you contribute to the mission of the church is not of secondary importance.

I talked about the female empowerment message of the "Like a Girl" ad that ran during the Super Bowl, noting that female empowerment messages transcend Super Bowl ad campaigns. The Bible, in fact, paints a compelling picture of what it means to fight like a girl.

This is a message given by a female to a female audience, so it covers some ground you might never hear preached from a pulpit. But that's exactly why women teaching women is such a needed layer of discipleship. If you're a guy, don't let that scare you from listening along. If the church is to embrace a strong vision of womanhood, both men and women will need to value it.

You can watch or listen to the 35-minute message here:

Fight Like a Girl }


  1. I am a life that have been helped and nurtured by your teachings and sanctified by God's Word through you for a number of years. Thank you for your time, and your sacrifices. Thank you for allowing the Spirit of God to work in you and speak through you for the sake of others.

  2. My goodness, Jen. This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you.

  3. Jen - A friend of mine shared about Breakaway on Instagram last week so I subscribed to their podcast and downloaded your message and listened to it three times in one weekend. I was simply blown away by how directly it spoke to me and my current circumstances. (Which ironically have very little to do with female empowerment, or lack thereof.)

    What I needed so badly to hear was the portion on the Egyptian midwives and their desire to obey God and not their earthly King, that their fear of God and not man drove them to courageous actions and the prosperity of the Hebrew people. That they owed the truth to the Lord and no one else. Gah, SO GOOD. And so good for my soul.

    I have a feeling there is a lot more good from you and am excited to spend some time here on your blog and finding you online elsewhere. Thank you so much for boldly speaking truth!


    1. Thanks, Lindsey! You can follow the links on the right for downloadable audio/workbooks for my Bible studies. Happy listening! Jen

  4. This message was so refreshing, seeing some of the gifts God has given to us as women who follow Him. I want to be more like those Egyptian midwives, fearing God over everything else!